High-Pressure Water Mist

A water mist made of small water droplets effectively combats two of the three factors for the spread of a fire. The source of the fire is cooled, the given energy is reduced. And oxygen is removed from the source of the fire. Thus, efficient coverage of protected areas is obtained by high cooling effects with minimal water use.

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Hochdruckwassernebel-Anlage der Firma Multimon Hochdruckwassernebel-Anlage der Firma Multimon Hochdruckwassernebel-Anlage der Firma Multimon

Highly effective against fires with low water use

The special features
of the environmentally friendly high-pressure water mist extinguishing system

  • Cooling: When evaporated, water absorbs more heat than any other fire suppressant - energy is quickly and effectively removed from the fire.

  • Oxygen displacement (inerting): During evaporation, the volume of water multiplies 1,700 times, displacing oxygen in the layer of air between the source of the fire and the surrounding air. The fire suffocates.

  • Shielding of radiant heat: The shielding effect against radiant heat is caused by the water mist. This effect guarantees that, for example, special components such as wall openings, facades or other conditions are protected by effective water mist bulkheads - the fire does not spread further.

  • Smoke washing: In addition to fighting the fire, the soot particles and water-soluble flue gas components produced by a fire are largely washed out and precipitated by the fine water droplets. Contamination of the air by smoke gases is reduced and enables the emergency services to enter the extinguishing room earlier.

What are the advantages
of the system high pressure water mist?

  • Increased heat binding due to large droplet surface of the extinguishing agent.
  • In the event of fire, the extinguishing agent causes only significantly less water damage.
  • Compared to sprinkler systems, the water consumption is lower - the necessary water supply is designed to be correspondingly smaller.
  • Since the space required for the water supply of this extinguishing system is very small, the installation can also be easily retrofitted in existing buildings.

In the event of a fire, the automatic sprinkler systems are triggered automatically by the effect of heat, directly initiating the extinguishing process and alerting the responsible fire department.

  • HDWN technology offers special fire protection for special areas e.g. for historical buildings.
  • In contrast to the sprinkler system, much thinner piping is used.
  • The system provides a significantly larger area of protection.

SYSTEMS of high pressure water mist extinguishing systems

Nitrogen cylinders

This system consists of nitrogen cylinders, each with a volume of 80 liters and a pressure of 200 bar. They are controlled via an extinguishing control center. When triggered, the gas soaks into the water bottles and builds up a pressure of 60 bar there. The water is forced through the stainless steel piping to the nozzles.

Modular pump system and electric motor

This system consists of an electric pump unit and a water tank. The number of electric pumps depends on the amount of extinguishing water required. To maintain the pressure in the pipelines, a small, sporadically running pressure-maintaining pump is brought into use.

Extinguishing system with high pressure pump and diesel engines

If no secure electrical power supply is available at the object, high-pressure diesel pump units are used. This system consists of several high-pressure pumps, which are coupled with a diesel engine. The size of the diesel unit and the number of high-pressure pumps depends on the required quantity of extinguishing water and the existing fire risk. An integrated control unit ensures the monitoring of the aggregate and the standard-compliant start.

Fire risks differ situationally, also from industry to industry. The special requirements for the fire protection concept are recorded by our experts and transferred into your customized fire protection. Feel free to contact us!

Places of application of high pressure water mist

Nitrogen cylinders

Protection of

  • Diesel generators
  • Turbines
  • Manual painting booths
  • Combined heat and power plants
  • Generator and transformer rooms

Both pump systems

Protection against OH1 to OH4 risks in

  • larger hotels and underground garages
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • museums
  • listed buildings
  • paint shops
  • wax sealings
  • paint warehouses
  • high-rise buildings


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