Fire Alarm Systems

The reliable and early detection of an outbreak of fire and the automatic initiation of defensive measures is an elementary component of this fire protection solution. For this purpose, all components of the fire detection technology must be precisely selected and coordinated with each other.

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The hazard detection system initiates the appropriate action

The basic principle of
fire alarm systems

  • The fire alarm system is a hazard detection system.
  • Various techniques are available for fire detection.
  • In case of fire, different warning devices are activated.
  • For optimal protection, different types of fire detectors are used in parallel.
  • Depending on the system concept, the fire department control center is automatically switched on or an automatic extinguishing system is activated.
  • At the same time, depending on the concept, fire doors or smoke extraction systems can also be activated.
  • Sensitivities can be set specifically for the application.

What are the advantages
of fire alarm systems

  • Despite the absence of people, a fire can be detected very early.
  • Automatic warning signals can be activated at additional locations by means of various fire alarm concepts.
  • Special fire alarm concepts are developed for special areas.
  • Due to the early warning character, personal injuries can be minimized, as the alarm enables the evacuation of the affected area.
  • As a component of preventive fire protection, improved insurance coverage is made possible.


Full protection

The entire building is equipped with a fire alarm system.

Partial protection

One or more fire compartments are equipped with fire alarm systems.

of escape and rescue routes

The escape route for persons is secured by fire alarm systems.

Furnishings protection

Fire alarm systems are used to protect specific material assets.

Most common types of detectors:

  • Push Button Detector
  • Smoke detector
  • Heat detector
  • Flame detectors
  • Smoke and heat extraction systems
  • Fire detectors with multiple sensors


  • Industrial plants
  • Logistics centers
  • Production halls
  • Ships
  • Logistics centers
  • Office buildings
  • High-rise buildings
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Exhibition halls
  • Airports

Fire risks differ situationally, also from industry to industry. The special requirements for the fire protection concept are recorded by our experts and transferred into your customized fire protection. Feel free to contact us!


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