MULTIMON ensures on-time plant execution in reliable quality and enables operators to achieve high and cost-optimized plant availability over the lifetime of the fire protection system.

Ein Schweisser in Schutzmontur bei der Arbeit mit sprühenden Funken Ein Schweisser in Schutzmontur bei der Arbeit mit sprühenden Funken Ein Schweisser in Schutzmontur bei der Arbeit mit sprühenden Funken

Services for all types of use of your system

MULTIMON ensures your reliable system availability at a consistently high quality level by applying the current fire protection guidelines. In this way, you limit your entrepreneurial risk and achieve improved insurance protection.

Effective fire protection
through effective implementation

The official and insurance acceptance of an installed fire protection system is a central milestone before a building is put into operation and used.

Before this can happen, a number of gears have to mesh. Coordination and teamwork in planning, manufacturing and installation are required for reliable and punctual project completion. Experienced project management with a mature technical understanding of your fire protection system is essential.

Our experts from all relevant disciplines analyze individual fire protection requirements, develop a concept designed to meet your needs and put it into practice - supported by state-of-the-art information technologies and production processes.

For us, project management means individual and comprehensive support, from risk analysis to acceptance of the fire protection system.

We are your reliable partner for the project planning of your individual fire protection system concepts

from our sales department

We develop our plant concepts according to your specifications or after we have individually recorded your requirements. In the process, special features of the building object and individual customer requirements are harmonized with all requirements and changes from applicable laws, regulations and guidelines. In addition, we already take into account during the planning phase that the plant operation is later ensured to be as low-maintenance as possible and thus environmentally friendly.

by experienced project management

After receipt of the order, your plant is digitally planned. For this purpose, your entire plant is divided into different construction phases. Our project managers then secure the material procurement and the required assembly personnel for each construction phase. Continuous documentation of progress and our quality assurance during the project phase ensure reliable delivery.

Production and procurement
of all materials

Depending on the type of components required, these are procured by our central purchasing department from well-known manufacturers or manufactured on schedule by our own production department. Our certified manufacturing processes ensure prompt delivery to construction sites even in hectic times or in the event of unplanned changes.

by qualified personnel

Our fire protection systems are technically complex systems that must be absolutely reliable in an emergency. The professional installation of these safety systems is the basic prerequisite for the proper functioning and insurance coverage of your business.

MULTIMON's expert teams support you with expertise and many years of experience in the realization of your fire protection system. We ensure that schedules are adhered to until acceptance.

to fulfill the operator's obligations

To ensure the ongoing operational readiness of the system, it must be maintained at regular intervals by MULTIMON specialists.

With our maintenance and servicing service, we ensure the permanent approval of your fire protection system by checking and maintaining its functional capabilities, in compliance with all applicable guidelines, so that the dependent insurance coverage also remains in place.

for optimized plant availability

Your system reports a malfunction or you suspect a leakage? Regardless of the malfunction of your fire protection system, our service centers are quickly available for you and ensure unbureaucratic remedy. With our extensive stock range and long-term supply contracts with manufacturers in the fire protection industry, we can guarantee the flexible, short-term and independent provision of components.

To ensure the permanent operational readiness of a fire protection system, we have a 24-hour emergency service for our customers 365 days a year.

Tested and certified standards for your safety!