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High-pressure water mist

Efficient coverage of protected areas using high cooling effects with minimal water use

When there is a fire, a combination of the following conditions occur with different ratios:

  • Combustible material
  • Energy for igniting or contributing to the fire
  • Oxygen (O2)

To fight a fire efficiently, the conditions listed above to must at least partially be removed from the combustion process. This is achieved either by cooling, i.e. reducing energy, or by reducing oxygen. With high-pressure water mist technology, two of the three essential factors can be effectively fought to stop the spread of fire:

first, by reducing energy through cooling, second by removing the oxygen from the fire. The use of water for this is the oldest, most frequent and easily available extinguishing agent. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and thus has two major advantages compared to fire-fighting equipment. In summary, high-pressure water mist technology offers the following features: 


Upon evaporation, water absorbs more heat than any other fire suppression agent. The fire is deprived of energy much faster and more effectively. Due to the strong cooling effect, the fire is effectively combated and people and property are protected from the heat.

Oxygen displacement (inertisation)

During evaporation, the volume of water multiplies 1,700-fold because the oxygen in the air layer between the fire and the ambient air is displaced.

Shielding radiation heat

The shielding effect against heat radiation is caused by small water droplets. This is how effective water mist containment can also be used for specific components, wall openings, walls, or other environments.

Smoke washer

In addition to fighting fire, the soot particles and water-soluble flue gas components that result from a fire are partially washed out and defeated by the small water droplets.

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