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For 40 years, experienced MULTIMON project teams have been designing fire protection systems for well-known companies in industry, trade, logistics and the service sector. Here we present a reference project for each of our sophisticated technologies.

Foam Extinguishing Systems

MULTIMON has installed foam extinguishing systems in various European plants, including one of the largest OSB plants in the world for the glue factory.

The Austrian Kronospan Group produces and sells wood-based building materials, such as particleboard or laminate, worldwide through its subsidiaries. According to its own information, Kronospan is the world's largest manufacturer of particleboard. Kronospan produces wood-based materials at more than 40 locations in Europe, Asia and North America.

For board production, some sites have their own glue factory. The methanol required for glue production is stored in huge tanks, which are set up in large catch basins. The methanol tanks are protected by a foam extinguishing system. For example, in large plants, 2 foam pots are installed per tank, which apply extinguishing foam to the methanol surface in the tank in the event of a fire. The catch basin of the tanks is protected by a foam extinguishing system, which produces extinguishing foam by means of several foam generators. Furthermore, additional objects such as a pumping station for the methanol storage or a possible rail delivery can be equipped with foam extinguishing systems.

Selected technical data for a typical configuration : - 8 alarm valve stations - 2 foam proportioners - storage of 13,500 liters of foam concentrate - 26 foam generators - 4 foam pots.

View of 2 extinguishing tanks with extinguishing foam


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