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For 40 years, experienced MULTIMON project teams have been designing fire protection systems for well-known companies in industry, trade, logistics and the service sector. Here we present a reference project for each of our sophisticated technologies.

SAP Garden

The SAP Garden is a multifunctional sports arena under construction in Munich's Olympic Park that will be used by Red Bull Munich as a new ice hockey venue and by FC Bayern's Bundesliga basketball team. It is scheduled to open in spring 2024. The sports arena will be equipped with a sprinkler system by MULTIMON Industrieanlagen GmbH.

The SAP Garden project is an arena used for professional sports in the Olympic Park in Munich, which is operated by Red Bull Stadion München GmbH. The arena extends from the 3rd basement to the 3rd floor plus roof terrace, has a gross floor area of 70,000 m² and will seat approximately 11,500 visitors. All home games of Red Bull Munich and up to 40 games of FC Bayern Basketball per season as well as other sports or sports-related events will take place here. There will be 3 covered ice surfaces for training purposes and popular sports. In addition, there will be business seats, 11 boxes with approx. 156 seats, fan stores, offices and conference rooms.

In addition to local ice hockey and basketball events, other third-party events such as boxing or e-sports are planned on the part of the operators. Robust and more than flexible design solutions make it possible that, for example, a basketball game can take place within a few hours after an ice hockey match.

MULTIMON has to provide the entire building complex with full sprinkler protection. It is classified as a place of assembly, underground parking and ancillary areas - a real challenge for fire protection that must function 100% for each type of event. The facility is erected in accordance with the fire protection certificate, and acceptance by the building authorities is carried out. VdS and FM-Global are used as a set of rules in a coordinated combination.

Selected technical data: - Central sprinkler system on the 3rd basement - 16 stations - 2 x compressed air water tanks - 5 zone check - 17.000 sprinklers - 85 hydrants - planning according to VDS guideline or bowl / hall roof according to FM guideline


View of the construction site of the SAP Garden at the Munich Olympic Center
Blick auf die Baustelle des SAP Garden im Münchner Olympiapark


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