View of the premises of HIT Holz Torgau View of the premises of HIT Holz Torgau View of the premises of HIT Holz Torgau


For 40 years, experienced MULTIMON project teams have been designing fire protection systems for well-known companies in industry, trade, logistics and the service sector. Here we present a reference project for each of our sophisticated technologies.

FIEGE Mega-Center

The FIEGE Group is one of the leading European logistics providers. At the Lahr location in the Black Forest, FIEGE offers all logistics services for internationally active tire manufacturers in a mega center covering around 35,000 m². This includes the receipt and inspection of tires, their storage as well as delivery in Germany and Switzerland.

FIEGE's southern German Mega-Center was built on a former military airport site directly adjacent to the runway, with a storage and logistics area of around 35,000 m², where FIEGE operates tire logistics throughout Europe as one of the Group's core competencies. The product range consists of tires for cars, trucks, buses, tractors and other agricultural equipment as well as motorcycles. The round number of 500,000 tires find their place here.

Since the warehouse complex is operated in various modes, flexible warehouse and logistics use is a top priority. This flexibility, as well as the special warehouse goods as a fire load, must be reflected by the stationary fire protection.

The task was not easy: The hall should have a minimum height of 14 m for second and third use. The tires are to be stored in colettes up to a height of 8.5m in the block. Due to flexibility, sprinkler protection shall be implemented without rack sprinklers only with ceiling protection. The extinguishing concept is to extinguish instead of just controlling. Due to the lack of valid standards and guidelines for such storage criteria and risks, the sophisticated extinguishing concept had to be proven in a 1 to 1 fire test in the fire house in Magdeburg. After the successful proofs documented by VdS, the concept had to be adapted to the 36,000m² logistics hall.

Selected technical specifications: - 3,000m³ extinguishing water supply realized by 2 x 1,500m³ tanks - 37,000 l/min volume flow of the extinguishing water realized by 5 diesel aggregates plus 1 reserve with a capacity of 250 kW / aggregate each - 12.000 liters foam agent supply - 96 spray flood valve stations realized by 6 sub-center with 16 SPV each - 4,000 spray nozzles especially approved for this application - 100 linear light beam smoke detectors with 2,500 linkage variants


View into the hall with the tire warehouse
Blick auf die FIEGE Halle


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