View of the premises of HIT Holz Torgau View of the premises of HIT Holz Torgau View of the premises of HIT Holz Torgau


For 40 years, experienced MULTIMON project teams have been designing fire protection systems for well-known companies in industry, trade, logistics and the service sector. Here we present a reference project for each of our sophisticated technologies.

FAIR - Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research

The FAIR construction project in Darmstadt is one of the largest construction projects for science and research worldwide. A particle accelerator facility is being built here that will enable international research into the key questions of the universe. In addition to underground beamlines and supply tunnels, around 25 buildings will be constructed on the site, which covers almost 20 hectares.

At the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt, one of the largest facilities for top international research is being built on an area of about 150,000m2 - the particle accelerator facility FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research). In an underground accelerator ring tunnel with a circumference of 1,100 meters, scientists from all over the world will be given the opportunity to investigate findings about the structure of the universe with extraordinary experiments. Approximately 25 buildings will be erected on the site for the operation of the particle accelerator. For this international mega construction project, a construction schedule had to be developed in which structural engineering, civil engineering, accelerator development and construction as well as the scientific experiments are closely interlinked.

The entire fire protection, from planning to implementation, comes from MULTIMON. A fire protection system with high-pressure water mist technology will be installed in the beam tunnel and in the supply tunnel with intermediate floor. Following the physical test setup, only water supply lines are provided in the radiation tunnel, but no independent water supply. In the buildings with laboratories for application research, a modern gas extinguishing system will be installed to ensure safety for people and objects without affecting the elaborate experimental arrangements. The total installation time is scheduled for six years in coordination with the trades to be installed at the same time.

The multidisciplinary team of the FAIR project executing agency sets standards in terms of site organization, occupational safety and environmental protection.

Selected technical specifications:

Total fire protection High-pressure water mist system (HDWN) Approx. 4000 sprinklers Approx. 20 extinguishing control panel Six-year construction period.


View from above of one of the largest construction sites in Germany
Blick auf die Baustelle von FAIR


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