View of the premises of HIT Holz Torgau View of the premises of HIT Holz Torgau View of the premises of HIT Holz Torgau


For 40 years, experienced MULTIMON project teams have been designing fire protection systems for well-known companies in industry, trade, logistics and the service sector. Here we present a reference project for each of our sophisticated technologies.

HIT Holz

HIT Holz is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of Euro pallets, operates one of the largest sawmill sites, and is one of the most important producers of biofuels in Germany. In recent years, more than 200 million euros have been invested in a high-tech and fully integrated production process.

During the last three years, all areas of the company in Torgau have been systematically realigned to increase production capacity. In order to secure the infrastructure, the focus was placed on fire protection in the plant, on high-performance maintenance and on increasing occupational safety. A large part of the fire protection equipment comes from MULTIMON. Both the area-wide sprinkler protection in the production halls and warehouses and the many gas extinguishing systems in the highly sensitive areas of the electrical and switchgear rooms are part of our MULTIMON order. Due to the demanding completion deadlines and the limited space available on site, we executed our entire central technology in containerized construction. This shortened the on-site assembly by a significant factor and allowed us to meet the project schedule.

Selected technical specifications: - Fire protection sprinkler low pressure => OSc - Fire protection sprinkler HDWN o Fire protection for turbines o Sprinkler control center in container design -Fire protection gas extinguishing system o Protection for electrical rooms with argon o Protection of transformer rooms with CO₂ o Gas extinguishing systems in container design.


View of the railing of HIT Holz Torgau


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